Back to School!

August 21, 2013

Can it be that time already?! Back to school examinations can get your child ready for the school year ahead. Nothing is quite as beneficial for kids as going back to school relaxed from their summer vacation with clear vision! A large percentage of children under 8 have never had a comprehensive eye exam (some estimate at 50%!). Making sure your child’s vision and eye health are in working order is a great way to prepare them for the school year ahead. New frames for kids are lightweight, versatile, and comfortable, in addition to the benefits corrective lenses give them!

Because a child’s vision adapts and compensates for low qualities, your child may not even complain of poor vision! As we discussed earlier this month, that can be a big problem if their vision is compromised by an “invisible” condition like amblyopia (lazy eye) or a sometimes visible condition like strabismus (eye turn). While in-school vision checks may be sufficient for the very basic vision testing, a comprehensive eye examination is recommended to give your child the most expert level of care.