Focus on Optical

March 27, 2013

Opticians are specialists in all aspects of glasses, including current fashion trends; it is okay to ask them questions or have them help you select the best kind of eyewear suitable for you. They are here to assist you in selecting and enjoying your eyewear choices. Feel free to come in during any of our office hours to visit the optical department and ask them any questions you may have regarding glasses or contacts. We asked one of our specialized opticians, Tim, the following questions:

What do you take into consideration when helping someone select glasses?

Tim:  The fit, style and prescription. We will talk to the patient to find out what they are looking for or what they like.

What are your recommendations when someone wants to wear contacts for the first time?

Tim:  We would recommend starting with Daily Disposables (if applicable).

What is the best and proper way to clean my glasses? What about my contact lenses?

Tim:  To clean glasses, use our spray cleaner and a soft cloth (NO paper products!). And for contacts, use an all in one solution to clean contacts every day!

What is the difference between all of the lens types? What about frame materials?

Tim:  Basic is CR 39 Plastic, Better is Polycarbonate (thin, durable, UV & scratch resistant), Best is 1.67 High Index (thinner than the Polycarbonate plus all the other benefits), Premium is 1.74 High Index. The Crizal anti-reflective coating can go on any lens. All of these are available in Single vision, Bi-focals and Tri-focals, and numerous styles of progressive lenses.

What are some of the brands/labels you offer at Legaretta Eye Center?

Tim: Dolce & Gabbana, Prada Linea Rossa, Coach, Michael Kors, Silhoette, Ray Ban, Oakley, Axel, BCBG, Line Art, OGI, Maui Jim