Makeup Health

April 3, 2013

Makeup can certainly accentuate your beautiful eyes! With proper, hygienic use, makeup for your eyes can be a safe addition to your daily regimen. Unfortunately, many makeup users do not take the safest approach to makeup use and can end up with mild to severe complications, including corneal scratches, infections, and even blindness. This week, we’re offering some helpful tips to aide you in avoiding ocular complications when using makeup.

Tips For Makeup Use

  • Make sure to replace eye makeup often.
  • Never share your eye makeup!
  • Do not apply makeup while driving or moving; use your best judgment when applying makeup to avoid potential vision-threatening injuries.
  • Skip makeup use when you have an actively infected or irritated eye and throw away any makeup used around the time your eye first became infected/irritated. This can reduce reinfection and/or the spread of infection from one eye to the other.
  • Wash your hands prior to doing anything around your eyes, including drop instillation and makeup application.
  • Be sure to thorougly clean off makeup prior to going to sleep to avoid causing irritation. If you use a makeup remover, do your best to avoid getting it in your eye.
  • Avoid store samples as there is less assurance that it is sterile.
  • Remember that eye makeup can contribute to the following conditions: infections (some potentially blinding), pink eye, watery eyes, dry eye, trauma, chronic inflammation, and styes.