New Year, New You!

January 9, 2013

We’re into the swing of 2013 now; when keeping your New Year’s Resolution of healthy life approaches, don’t forget to care for your vision!

Health Exams
Annual eye exams are always a good idea, even in an otherwise healthy patient. Certain eye disorders are best treated when caught in early stages. Patients with certain already diagnosed conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, may be better suited to more frequent eye exams. Adults should follow with a medical eye professional for many reasons, including: diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts. Children, too, may need the benefits which eye care professionals can offer; children’s eye disorders may go untreated if a professional is not involved in their healthcare, as children often do not complain of their symptoms or know how to best describe them. Symptoms which would indicate a need for more immediate care for children include, but are not limited to: complaining about poor vision, squinting, sitting closer to the television, sudden or progressive drop in scholastic achievements, poor hand-eye coordination, and an eye (one or both) which is misaligned (“turns” in, out, up, or down) either constantly or in a fluctuating, sometimes erratic manner.

Our optical departments in each of our three offices have a wide array of options for every budget, style, and need, from safety glasses to high end sunglasses.

New Look: Contact Lenses
Contact lenses are a great addition to your ocular wear, provided they can medically be approved and the wearer is able to understand and comply with the proper care of their contacts. Contacts need to be cleaned, stored properly, and instilled with clean hands. Good hygiene and hand washing prior to handling contact lenses, whether inserting or removing lenses, are integral steps to successful contact use. There are steps one must take prior to being able to procure contact lenses, this entails an initial exam, fitting, trial lenses, and ordering lenses. If contacts are purchased from a reputable site, these steps (or ensuring these steps were followed by validating prior professionals) should be followed. It is important to obtain your contacts from a reputable source; contacts can be purchased from non-ophthalmic sources; these lenses can carry higher risks and can compound ocular problems, even leading to infection and blindness. While there are risks to contact wear, proper use can provide aesthetic improvements and more freedom from glasses.

New Look: Glasses
There are numerous options for glasses, many of which may be covered by your insurance.

  • A simple update to your glasses frames, even if your prescription hasn’t changed, can make a vast difference in your appearance and your confidence; a fresh look can give you a fresh appearance with which to meet the world.
  • Transition lenses provide more freedom and can increase clarity of vision in situations where your vision is impacted by bright light. Transition lenses change from plain lenses to tinted lenses when exposed to higher lighting conditions; this allows a reduction of discomfort and can provide better vision.
  • Bifocals and progressive lenses can reduce the need for multiple pairs of glasses once presbyopia (reduced near vision clarity, usually after age 40). Our optical professionals can suggest the best fit for your lifestyle and vision.
  • Sunglasses, both prescription and nonprescription, provide both style and UV protection.
  • Optional glare coating can aide in the reduction of halos and nighttime and/or daytime glare.
  • Safety glasses, often covered by your employer, are vital to ocular health if you work in situations where foreign bodies, dust, particles, or other materials may enter into the eyes. It is important to protect your eyes, especially when there is a possibility of injury.

For more information on our selection of optical wear, visit our optical departments at any of our three offices, and visit our optical website at:

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