Optical Fashion

May 29, 2013

Optical trends follow a similar lifecycle as clothing trends; there are many styles which will always be available and popular, while there are simultaneously fashions that will come about on a less frequent basis. While buying a pair of cat-eye frames similar to what your parents or grandparents wore in the 1950s might not be the best fashion choice, frames that are evocative of those styles are contemporary enough to avoid appearing ironic or dated. We have frames available in our optical departments in a wide array of colors, shapes, and styles that can fit any budget!

Choosing the Right Frame

Many patients will ask how they can determine the type of frame best suited to their facial structure. There’s also almost always some confusion on what shape face they even have! Below are some tips on determining your facial shape and the frames which should be avoided. 

Measuring your face shape is not as daunting a task as it may seem; all you need is a steady hand, a flexible measuring tape, and a mirror. AClens.com has provided an easy step-by-step instruction manual for shaping your face at home.

Read four measurements:

  1. The width from the top of one cheek bone to the other
  2. The height of the middle of your forehead (between brow and hair lines)
  3. The base of one side of your jaw to the tip of your chin, multiplied by two.
  4. The length from your chin to your hair line

Face shapes

  • Round: facial width is similar to facial height, forehead and jaw are typically more narrow than the cheeks; avoid circular or curved frames and stick to geometric and rectangular frames.
  • Oblong: height of the face is greater than 1.5 times the width. Cheeks, forehead, and chin are similar in width; avoid wide glasses with a lower overall height.
  • Oval: facial height is close or slightly lower than 1.5 times the width. Forehead, cheeks, and chin are similar in width. Oval faces can tolerate any type of frame!
  • Heart: forehead is wider than cheek bones and significantly wider than chin; avoid teardrop and lower-rimless frames.
  • Square: height and width are nearly identical with the jaw and forehead close to cheek measurements;  avoid boxy or tall frames and choose round or curved frames.
  • Diamond: cheek measurement is significantly wider than forehead and jaw; avoid angular frames and shop for curved frames.

Style Trends

Optical fashions are gleaning from the past and updating their looks; cat-eye frames, bold colors, and larger frames are all making a distinct presence in current optical styles. Glasses are upbeat, quirky, and taller this season. Eyefunk is an increasingly popular brand that reflects these changes, while traditional brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Ray Ban, and Coach are reflecting a similar stylistic change. While some frames are becoming  thinner and more streamlined, many are increasing in bulk of frame while still maintaining a sleek appearance.

What ever style of frame you choose, our optical departments will have a fashionable, affordable option that will suit your needs and keep you up-to-date with the current fashion trends.