Sports Glasses

September 5, 2013

Avid athletes, with or without refractive errors, may well benefit from wearing protective sports eye wear. Not only can sports glasses provide ample increases to vision, they can decrease the risk of ocular trauma during sports activities.  Even if you only casually engage in sports, sports glasses may be an excellent option for you!

Poor vision can lead to an increased risk in normal daily activities; this risk increases with certain activities, sports included. Failure to have clear vision during sports activities can result in any number of injuries, from misjudging distances to facial/eye trauma from wayward sports equipment. Results can be painful and potentially permanently damaging.

Many prescription sports glasses are designed to handle impact while providing clear vision. Not only can they protect the eye from damages from a fly ball or running into another player, they can allow a wider range of peripheral vision when compared to traditional glasses. Protecting the eyes during sporting activities is not only important for adults, but for children as well.

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