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Absolutely! But you need to bring in a VALID contact lens prescription from your eye doctor and your insurance information.

If you are coming for the first time for a contact lens evaluation and already wear contact lenses, you should bring any information you have from your previous doctor.

If you are a contact lens wearer, we require a comprehensive eye exam and a separate contact lens evaluation once a year.

** The comprehensive eye examination performed by either an optometrist or ophthalmologist is separate from the fitting, prescribing, and annual evaluation of contact lenses. Since these visits require two separate professional services, there will be two professional fees and appointments that may be handled differently by insurance policies.

We would need to see you for the initial fit and follow-up visit. We recommend getting at least the initial lenses from us in case there is a problem. However, we can give you a prescription as long as we have seen you for a follow-up after the initial fitting while wearing lenses.

** Contact lens prescriptions are valid for one year, so you would need to be seen every year by a contact lens care professional to update your prescription.

Contact lens fittings are not covered by most insurance plans. There are a few vision plans that will cover some of the visit and a few that give a discount on or will cover the lenses themselves. Coverage for medically necessary contact lenses varies widely among insurance plans. Check with your insurance company to see what kind of coverage you have.

With disposable lenses you are given a set of trial lenses. We check the fit specifically for you at the evaluation appointment. We also make sure the prescription is correct and that they are comfortable before you buy a supply (This is why that evaluation appointment is so important). If for some reason though, you do need to exchange a disposable lens box, we do that as long as the box is unopened and not marked.

We accept cash, debit card, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Care Credit.

Contact Lens Evaluation: All patients require a contact lens evaluation every year, where the optician assesses your eyes to make sure your cornea, lids, and lashes are healthy, and also that your vision is stable with the contacts. If you are a first time contact lens wearer, the optician will assess if you are a candidate for contact lens wear. When you wear contacts for an extended period of time, the eye can change, so for existing contact lens wearers, the optician must evaluate the current lenses you are in and make sure they are still a good fit for your eyes.

Contact Lens Fitting
: Patients will require a contact lens fitting in addition to the evaluation if:

  • You are a new patient to our office and we didn't fit your current contacts
  • Your current contact lens prescription has changed
  • The doctor needs to change the material/brand of your contact lenses
Though all NEW patients to our office who wish to purchase contacts will require the initial fitting (fee charged), most established patients will only incur the evaluation unless you and the doctor decide together that a change is needed (eg. if your eyes are irritated by your current lenses).

Initial fitting appointment may include insert and removal instructions and a starter kit of trial lenses. A 3 month time period is allotted for completion.

Because the contact lens prescription expires one year from the date of refraction, only a 1 year supply may be purchased.

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